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Authentic dreams

with ADA since '93

Meet ADA Yachtworks

With an enclosed area of 4000 square meters and highly experience in-house workforce, our shipyard specializes in construction of custom steel, aluminum and wooden yachts while applying state-of-the-art technologies with innovative ideas that engage traditional production techniques. 


We believe that implementation of new trends and technologies allow us to reach the   highest expectations in luxury yacht building.


Ada Yacht Works has built yachts ranging from 15 meters motor yachts to 50 meter sailing yachts. All of our yachts were built with great passion and with the intention that the owners will enjoy the all process and not only the end product.  


In every step from the first draft in design to the last stroke of paint, we are dedicated to fulfill the dreams of the yacht devotees around the world. 


The notion of luxury for us is not merely a privilege, but a style of living.

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